• Track your vote-by-mail ballot

    Track your ballot from the date it is printed, to when the ballot packet is delivered to the post office en route to you, to when the Department receives the ballot, verifies the signature on the return envelope, and counts the ballot. In situations in which the Department cannot count a ballot, the tool provides the reason and possible actions the voter can take that would allow the Department to count the ballot.

  • Track your provisional ballot will be available November 11, 2016
  • Voting by mail

    The deadline to request to vote by mail for the November 8 election has passed. Voters who are unable, for any reason, to vote in person at the Voting Center or at their polling place on Election Day, may authorize anyone to pick up their ballot at the Department’s Voting Center in City Hall (see “Ballot pick-up authorization form” link below)

  • Ballot pick-up authorization form (PDF)
  • Vote-by-mail instructions (PDF)
  • Vote-by-mail instructional video (YouTube)
  • Contact the Department by email or phone at (415) 554-4375